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Amitech Solutions
Clinical Program Analytics by Amitech
Amitech's Clinical Program Analytics services maximize financial impacts and health outcomes.
Amitech Solutions
Cumulus - Automation as a Service
Cumulus allows healthcare organizations to gain the value of affordable automation with a hassle-free experience, fully managed in the cloud by Amitech.
Amitech Solutions
FlintBlueprint™ by Amitech
How to leverage a self-funded roadmap to scale automation.
Amitech Solutions
Flint Provider Credentialing by Amitech
Automate Provider Credentialing and accelerate provider onboarding by 30%.
Amitech Solutions
Flint Patient Quality Chart Abstractor Assistant by Amitech
Accelerate Your Patient Quality and Safety Journey with a Chart Abstractor Assistant
Amitech Solutions
Automation Projects: An RPA Quick Start Overview
Amitech has four unique ways to help you get started quickly with your automation projects, each one tailored to where you are in your RPA journey.
Amitech Solutions
FlintBlueprint - Roadmapping RPA
A staggering 80% of enterprise automation programs fail to deliver any substantial return and stall out within their first two years.
Amitech Solutions
RPA Starter Kit
Many people think that getting started with automation takes months of planning and development, but it does not have to.
Amitech Solutions
RPA Architecture & Value Health Check
An RPA Architecture Health Check can increase your development productivity and velocity through standardized project management structures and more.
Amitech Solutions
Robotic Process Automation Use Case Validation
Automating the wrong process can cause RPA failure & miss ROI expectations. That's why we start with Robotic Process Automation Use Case Validation first.
Amitech Solutions
Amitech RPA Managed Services in Healthcare
Do you know what it will take to manage your virtual workforce? Let RPA services take care of your bots while you take care of your members & patients.
Amitech Solutions
Flint Patient Quality by Amitech
Improved Patient Quality & Safety Audits
Amitech Solutions
Flint Financial Assistance by Amitech
Automate to Increase Financial Assistance Program Participation
Amitech Solutions
Flint Remittance Posting by Amitech: Pairs Well With Your Patient Accounting System
Automate remittance posting with FlintRP™ by Amitech to reduce direct labor costs and eliminate errors in your patient accounting system.
Amitech Solutions
Flint Pre-Authorization by Amitech
Automate pre-authorization with FlintPA™ by Amitech and reduce the time required to validate and record pre-authorization status.

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