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FlintBlueprint™ by Amitech


Delivering a Stream of Automation Successes

Accelerate the time to value from your automation program by having the right operational processes, organizational visibility, strategic goals, and value-driven implementation priorities.

Whether you’re just getting started with RPA or you’ve implemented a few automations over the past couple of years to get RPA up and running, you’re likely contemplating how to maximize your investments in automation. RPA has the potential to drive out millions of dollars in cost and capture millions more in revenue, but it can also significantly under-deliver on that potential if you spend time automating the wrong processes. Amitech’s FlintBlueprint™ assessment, prioritization, and planning activities and RPA Center of Excellence processes can get your RPA journey started off (or restarted) on the right foot. The difference between just doing automation and doing automation right can be measured in the millions and increase the annual business value of your program by 3-5x.

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How it Works

Depending on where you are on your RPA journey Amitech’s FlintBlueprint team will tailor the assessment, analyze, recommend process to best suit your organization’s needs. The first step is for the team to conduct interviews with key business stakeholders and technology experts to examine the alignment between your existing processes and priorities and the established business strategy and objectives. With an emphasis on leveraging existing capabilities and the culture of your organization, the FlintBlueprint team will deliver a gap analysis and collaborate with you on defining a vision and future state for automation that fits your organization. The final step is to map all of this information into an executable and intentional roadmap of priorities to implement and grow the impact of your organization’s automation capability.

The BOT-tom Line:

  • Plan to Maximize the Value from Automation
  • Create a Vision that gets Stakeholders Excited
  • Gain Actionable Insights into Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Establish Processes to Continuously Deliver High-value Automations


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