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Automation Projects: An RPA Quick Start Overview

Four Ways to Get Started with Automation Projects

Amitech has four unique ways to help you get started quickly with your automation projects, each one tailored to where you are in your RPA journey: Just figuring out where to start? Want to deliver a quick win with real value? Started, but need an expert check-up? Ready to build a solid business case for automation?
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1. RPA Use Case Validation

Quickly clarify the potential business value, feasibility, and cost of automation opportunities you are already thinking of developing. Demonstrate confidence in identifying, vetting, and selecting impactful RPA opportunities. 

2. RPA Health Check

Rapidly evaluate your current environment and processes to define a solid base for growth and maturity. 

3. RPA Starter Kit 

Kick-off your automation project journey with a fully operational RPA environment and an impactful quick-win (Amitech does it all, or we work collaboratively with you): 

  • Install the UiPath platform 
  • Configure enterprise security 
  • Integrate UiPath with your EHR 
  • Implement automation of one pre-identified process 

4. FlintBlueprint™

Maximize the value of your automation project's capability with scalable demand generation, intake, and governance processes and a well-defined roadmap of high-impact automation implementations. 

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