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Top 4 Benefits of Data Analytics in Healthcare in 2023
Ring in the new year by learning about the top 4 benefits of data analytics in healthcare in 2023!
Amitech Solutions
Top 5 Intelligent Automation Trends in 2023
Technology is changing the game for businesses. Here are the top 5 intelligent automation trends in 2023!
Amitech Solutions
3 Ways Healthcare Organizations Are Using Document Understanding
The healthcare industry relies heavily on technology. Here are 3 ways healthcare organizations are using document understanding!
Amitech Solutions
Hospital Workflow Processes & Automations That Can Help
Wondering how to improve your hospital workflow? Here are some hospital workflow processes & automations that can help!
Amitech Solutions
3 Benefits of Healthcare Price Transparency Tools
Healthcare price transparency tools enable providers and payors alike nearly instant access to qualified intelligence across the healthcare system.
Amitech Solutions
How RPA Creates More Organizational Capacity
RPA puts work in the hands of technology, freeing people to focus on more diverse, creative, and valuable activities, decreasing rates of employee burnout.
Amitech Solutions
UiPath & RPA: How Amitech’s Partnerships Improve Healthcare Automation
When UiPath is coupled with the consulting services we offer here at Amitech, the benefits are even further magnified for healthcare automation.
Amitech Solutions
4 Big Benefits of Prior Authorization Automation
Prior authorization automation allows care providers & administrators to increase the number & accuracy of the authorizations they complete each hour.
Amitech Solutions
How to Automate Revenue Cycle Processes in the Healthcare Industry
Learn how revenue cycle automation removes the risk of human error, allowing providers to more accurately schedule, verify insurance eligibility, and more!
Amitech Solutions
The Next Big Thing in Healthcare Automation Solutions
We’ll likely see a pronounced shift, with the advantages of healthcare automation solutions moving beyond clerical oversight to actual clinical practice.
Amitech Solutions
How IT Process Automation is Transforming Healthcare
IT process automation is essential to modern medical practices. Take a broad view of how automated processes are transforming healthcare as we know it.
Amitech Solutions
4 Questions to Ask When Choosing A Healthcare Data Management System
Choosing a healthcare data management system is a big decision that influences how your organization functions. Here are 4 questions to ask when deciding.
Amitech Solutions
4 Misconceptions About Automation in Healthcare
Automation in healthcare is not a new concept, yet many people still have misconceptions about what it is and what it can do for their business.
Amitech Solutions
Data Abstraction: How to Create a Highly Efficient & Accurate Process
Here are a few ways to create a better and more efficient data abstraction process at your organization.
Amitech Solutions
The State of the IT Staffing Industry in 2021
As we enter the summer of 2021, it’s worth reviewing the current state of IT staffing and how it may change in the months and years to come. 

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