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Making Sense Of Your Data
When data impacts every level of your business and can dramatically change your bottom line, it's too risky not to evaluate your data management practices.
Amitech Solutions
How IT Process Automation is Transforming Healthcare
IT process automation is essential to modern medical practices. Take a broad view of how automated processes are transforming healthcare as we know it.
Amitech Solutions
Data Abstraction: How to Create a Highly Efficient & Accurate Process
Here are a few ways to create a better and more efficient data abstraction process at your organization.
Amitech Solutions
6 Healthcare Trends to Watch in 2020
Learn about what’s in store for patients, payors and providers in 2020 and beyond. 
Amitech Solutions
AWS EMR vs Hadoop: Which Is Best for You?
Learn how AWS EMR and Apache's Hadoop function both individually and conjointly to decide which is right for you.
Amitech Solutions
Intro to RPA
Learn about robotic process automation (RPA) at a high-level. We share key benefits, practical applications & groundbreaking results of RPA in healthcare.
Amitech Solutions
Future of RPA: Putting RPA to Work
Learn about the future of RPA & how a new, data-infused approach to robotic process automation is being used to enhance the digital workforce.
Amitech Solutions
Escaping the Data Swamp
Major Midwest Healthcare Provider Conquers Enduring Data Challenges with New, Best-in-Breed Information Governance Operating Model
Amit Bhagat
Why Bother with Data Governance?
If half of all data governance initiatives fail, why bother with data governance? Find out the secret to data governance success here.
Paul Boal
Diving into Data Context
Find out how you can help your organization be better prepared to make timely decisions with an intuitive, easy-to-use tool.
Amit Bhagat
The Makings of A Modern Healthcare IT Transformation
Find out the key ingredients in healthcare IT transformation by effectively aligning the IT strategy at a Major Southern Payor with business priorities.
Amitech Solutions
Two Reasons Big Data Governance Programs Fall Flat
As the industry shifts to value-based care, access to clean data has never been more important. So why do half of big data governance initiatives fail?
Paul Boal
Two Missing Links in Your Healthcare Analytic Strategies
Find out the four steps to better healthcare analytics outcomes through better analytic strategies.
Paul Boal
The Secret Sauce of Analytics Success
Find out how a wider range of data types put to good use could create a whole new class of unexpected insights.
Paul Boal
Connecting Analytics to Results
Healthcare organizations already have the fundamental building blocks in place to act on analytics insights. All you really need is a strategy for putting it together.

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