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FlintRP™ by Amitech: Pairs Well With Your Patient Accounting System

Automated Remittance Posting & Reconciliation

Make an 89% reduction in the administrative labor required to post remittances to your EHR.

Posting remittance transactions and processing them in your patient accounting system is typically a routine process that takes a lot of manual labor for a health system. Automating that activity with Amitech’s integrated healthcare automation component, FlintRP™ significantly reduces your direct labor costs, eliminates errors that would otherwise be required to research and correct mistakes, and accelerates revenue reconciliation.

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How it Works

The FlintRP bot retrieves payment activity records and processes those transactions by linking them to the appropriate account in the patient accounting system. This ensures records accurately reflect account balances and status.

FlintRP dynamically scales to process thousands of transactions per day, continually looking for new transactions and never letting a backlog build up.

The BOT-tom Line:

  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Eliminate Processing Errors 
  • Accelerate Revenue Reconciliation

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