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Amitech Solutions
2021 Healthcare Predictions
Amitech Founder & CEO, Amit Bhagat, breaks down six healthcare predictions to expect in 2021 and how the market is responding.
Amitech Solutions
What COVID-19 could mean for Healthcare going forward?
Healthcare is going through a transformative period in history. Amitech met with healthcare leaders to learn what is changing and what to expect moving forward.
Amitech Solutions
Healing Healthcare with RPA
Find out how RPA can remove barriers to better patient care.
Amit Bhagat
Busting the Myths About RPA
Sort out what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to RPA.
Amitech Solutions
Don't Dabble: How to Get Started With AI in Healthcare
A guide to getting started with Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.
Amitech Solutions
Two Reasons Big Data Governance Programs Fall Flat
As the industry shifts to value-based care, access to clean data has never been more important. So why do half of big data governance initiatives fail?
Paul Boal
Action Figures
Get the most from your healthcare analytics initiatives as quickly and effectively as possible. Download our free eBook today!
Eric Keeney
Making Sense of MACRA
A Guide to Understanding the Shift to Value-based Care & the Data Infrastructure Needed to Support Provider Success
Paul Boal
Empowering Population Health with IoT
Filling the Gap Between Patients and Providers with Smart Technology Solutions

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