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FlintBlueprint - Roadmapping RPA

Build your Business Case for the Value of Automation 

A staggering 80% of enterprise automation programs fail to deliver any substantial return and stall out within their first two years.

The promise of Integrated Health Automation (IHA) is that 60% of the manual processes in healthcare can be automated. But understanding how to achieve this goal requires experience identifying where automation can be leveraged, estimating the value of each automation, prioritizing those opportunities, and building a self-funding roadmap for success. Organizations without substantial preexisting experience find it impossible to build a practical business case for automation. Organizations without substantial preexisting experience find it impossible to build a practical business case for automation. Amitech’s FlintBlueprint™ leverages our expertise to create your plan for automation success and value delivery.

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How it Works

Every transformation requires thoughtful reflection, strategic vision, detailed planning, change management, and adaptability along the way. Amitech’s FlintBlueprint™ process builds on decades of experience building and implementing blueprints for healthcare data, analytics, and technology programs and incorporates the unique challenges that integrated process automation and digital workforce transformation introduces.

FlintBlueprint™ is a formulated three-phase engagement that will:

  1. Use Amitech’s automation heatmaps and interviews to discover where automation can create value aligned with your business strategy
  2. Estimate the value and impact of those automation opportunities
  3. Create a blueprint for the successful delivery of that value portfolio

The result is a strong business case to accelerate your automation journey and quickly deliver value.

The BOT-tom Line:

  • High-Value Automations 
  • Clarity of Vision
  • Self-Funding Roadmap

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