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RPA Architecture & Value Health Check

Maximize Automation Velocity with an RPA Architecture & Value Health Check

Governance, Scalability, and Bot Optimization are three of the top reasons automation programs fail.

The excitement of RPA has helped healthcare see the possibility of significant returns in labor efficiency, cost savings, and improved revenue realization. Still, many have not created a development engine (SDLC, PMO) to achieve maximum automation throughput. An RPA Health Check can increase your development productivity and velocity through standardized project management structures, robust development processes focused on re-use and quality, design principles for security, and bot value return monitoring.

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How it Works

RPA programs that can scale effectively and successfully depend on standardization, quality, re-use, and a reliable digital workforce. Amitech’s RPA Health Check is a flexible, high-value solution that evaluates your technical RPA architecture, Robotic Development Life Cycle (RDLC), and project management frameworks to identify common issues that prevent effective automation.

Amitech’s RPA Health Check is a prescriptive two-phase evaluation that reviews the current state of your RPA architecture and development practices to ensure they promote reusability and standardization. This process identifies any gaps in development standards, design and re-use principles, and business value orchestration that each can negatively affect scale. In addition, this process applies Amitech’s experience assessing automation opportunities to establish a streamlined RPA project management framework that enables clear governance and effective monitoring for your RPA program.

The BOT-tom Line:

  • Reliable Digital Workforce
  • Predictable Planning
  • Clarity of Business Value

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