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RPA Starter Kit

Think Big Automations, but Start Small with RPA Starter Kit

Many people think getting started with automation takes months of planning and development, but it does not have to.

With nearly 60% of the manual processes in healthcare set for automation, it be can daunting to get started, much less make sure you get started right. Amitech’s RPA Starter Kit helps organizations get up and running faster. Through that first automation, your teams will quickly understand where the pitfalls and challenges will be and create plans for addressing those through policy, governance, technology, and process solutions. Let Amitech get you started with RPA projects and de-risk your automation journey.

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How it Works

Whether your organization has UiPath already configured or is starting from scratch, Amitech’s RPA Starter Kit can quickly get your up, running, and delivering value. In six weeks or less, Amitech can:

  1. Install and configure your UiPath environment, configured for enterprise-grade security and multiple development and production environments.
  2. Integrate the UiPath platform with your EHR and other essential operational systems.
  3. Vet existing use case ideas for feasibility, business engagement, and value.
  4. Design and implement a new high-value automation.


Amitech’s RPA Health Check is a prescriptive two-phase evaluation that reviews the current state of your RPA architecture and development practices to ensure they promote reusability and standardization. This process identifies any gaps in development standards, design and re-use principles, and business value orchestration that each can negatively affect scale. In addition, this process applies Amitech’s experience assessing automation opportunities to establish a streamlined RPA project management framework that enables clear governance and effective monitoring for your RPA program.

The BOT-tom Line:

  • Strong Foundation
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Deliver Real Business Value

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Did you know if hospitals do not achieve productivity growth by 2025, up to 60% could face negative margins? Amitech helped Mercy save $3M in the first year!


Common issues such as staff burnout, high costs, and human errors can be solved with the implementation of intelligent automation solutions.


Intelligent automation is the best way to reduce common errors, decrease the risk of staff burnout, and, ultimately, improve patient care!