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Clinical Program Analytics by Amitech

Maximizing Effectiveness and Outcomes of Clinical Program Analytics

Payers are missing out on 90% of the value of care management

The concept of clinical programs for care management is simple enough: Identify a high-risk population where interventions could help create a better outcome for the person and reduce overall cost of care. In reality, understanding that journey from end-to-end and addressing the multiple potential failure points requires access to a robust data set, advanced analytics, and strong program management. Amitech’s Clinical Program Analytics services maximize financial impacts and  health outcomes.

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How Amitech's Clinical Program Analytics Services Works 

Maximizing value from Clinical Care Management Programs requires an end-to-end, data-driven approach to planning and operations. Whether optimizing existing programs or designing new ones, Amitech’s Clinical Program Analytics services provide the framework for delivering and maintaining ROI. Working from design to ongoing management, Amitech guides you through:

  1. Using overarching business strategy and to define the right program goals
  2. Designing the operating model for your program from risk stratifying participants to engaging and managing participation to measuring and enhancing program impact
  3. Establishing a custom data and analytics framework needed to capture critical data and visualize key metrics that are built on your unique population and the factors that impact them
    Implementing an effective program monitoring and management operating model to continuously improve program outcomes

Increase ROI of care management programs by 10X with clinical program analytics:

  • Maximize Effectiveness
  • Improve Outcomes
  • Deliver ROI

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