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3 Ways Healthcare Organizations Are Using Document Understanding

Technology continues to help make the healthcare industry more effective and efficient. In large part, we can thank document understanding for this.

Here are 3 ways healthcare organizations are using document understanding. Let’s get into it!

Improve Patient Quality

Without document understanding, patients would not receive the quality medical care needed in many cases. Document understanding uses technology like artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and intelligent document production (IDP). These automation processes either work together or alone to organize, structure, transfer, and analyze data included in a patient’s electronic health record (EHR).

If you consider how much time is needed to scan thousands of pages of records for one patient, while they are coming in with a serious medical complication – you could safely say that a human would not be able to get a comprehensive look at the patient’s history. This is where document understanding is crucial in the healthcare industry. It organizes, reads, and provides the information healthcare providers need in an instant.

Document understanding also allows healthcare providers to help prevent hospital-acquired conditions. There are document processing services that are designed specifically to prevent any oversights or potential human errors. In turn, this undoubtedly improves patient quality by having their charts reviewed and analyzed by smart technology designed with their safety in mind.

Patient quality is the top priority for healthcare facilities. It wouldn’t be serving the patient if document understanding wasn’t included in their practice.

Save on Resources

Document understanding is one of the greatest resources available for healthcare facilities to save on resources. Document understanding is designed to take repetitive and time-consuming tasks and complete them almost instantly. This allows healthcare staff to spend more time with patients and on tasks that don’t require human intervention.

It’s no surprise that document understanding saves healthcare facilities money. Instead of hiring hundreds of workers to convert or interpret data, document understanding takes their place. It’s not just money that is saved when it comes to this intelligent process, but a lot of time is also saved. This affords healthcare staff to put more of their time and energy into the patient’s care.  

The more resources a healthcare organization can save, the more they can use these resources towards providing better quality treatment for their patients. Document understanding is a valuable resource that makes this possible.

Insight into Organizational Performance

Chart audits are a common occurrence in the healthcare industry. This important function allows doctors and other medical staff to review their work. The outcome is a learning experience for all involved. Document understanding allows this vital task to be performed regularly and more efficiently. This leads the way to more frequent and reliable insight into how medical personnel are performing which is key to the health and success of the entire organization.

There are also document understanding processes that are designed to structure the organizational performance and outlook as a whole. This is paramount when it comes to larger medical facilities which host a great number of medical staff. Document understanding can help find any errors, strengths, and weaknesses in each department of a medical establishment.

Document processing is crucial to improving a healthcare facility’s organizational design. It allows this to be checked on a regular basis – which affords healthcare management to work proactively instead of reactively.

The Rundown

The healthcare industry is one of the most vital to humankind. Document understanding continues to help positively transform healthcare in astounding and impactful ways.

Amitech is the expert when it comes to using document understanding with its high-quality healthcare automation services. Contact Amitech today for more information on how you can apply their valuable services to your healthcare facility!

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