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How RPA Can Improve the COVID-19 Vaccination Process
Vaccination clinics are running around the clock, yet patients may wait up to three hours. Find out 10 ways automation can help improve the immunization process.
Amitech Solutions
How Healthcare should Leverage Automation and the Cloud to Optimized Outcomes in 2021
In preparation for a post-COVID world, healthcare providers and payors will need to lean in to support greater investments in automation and managed cloud services.
Amitech Solutions
How Healthcare Managed Services With RPA Will Benefit Your Organization
Healthcare managed services allow us to take care of maintaining your RPA bots while you take care of your patients and employees.
Amitech Solutions
Leaning into Automation and Analytics to Create Value during COVID-19
COVID-19 has forced health system financial leaders to become creative with their workforce since volume has been skewed toward pandemic procedures over patients seeking elective surgeries.
Amitech Solutions
A Beginner's Guide to Scrubbing Data
Regularly scrubbing data is important for preventing errors and inefficiencies caused by 'dirty data.' Here's our beginner's checklist for data scrubbing.
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What is IT Staffing? Everything Recruiters Need to Know
What is IT staffing? Take a closer look at what recruiters should know, and why successful staffing is more strategic than putting a person on your team.
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RPA Needs a Blueprint to Scale
RPA should start with a blueprint and level-setting business objectives, talent, & culture. Without a proper roadmap, RPA initiatives will never make the transition from crawl to walk to run.
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Financial Assistance Impact on Chronic Illnesses
Roughly one in every two people in America have medical debt and 90% of this debt comes from chronic disease management, like cancer & mental healthcare.
Amitech Solutions
COVID-19 Business Challenges & Our Strategic Staffing Solutions
2020 has brought a lot of new challenges, especially to businesses. Amitech is here to help guide you with strategic staffing solutions.
Amitech Solutions
Financial Toxicity on Patients, Healthcare Providers, and Payers
Cancer treatment prices can easily exceed $10k per month. It is no wonder over 40% of cancer patients deplete their life savings within two years of starting treatment.
Amitech Solutions
Data Analysis in Healthcare: 3 Things Every Analyst Should Know
Data analysis in healthcare is a great way to address problems with internal processes. Here are 3 aspects of data analysis that every analyst should know.
Amitech Solutions
How to Choose an RPA Company For Healthcare Automation Solutions
Many organizations have begun to rely on RPA due to COVID-19. Learn more about the benefits of using healthcare automation solutions today.
Amitech Solutions
How Automation in Healthcare is Transforming Patient Care
Automation in healthcare is transforming patient care in many impactful ways. Learn how healthcare organizations can improve patient care with automation.
Paul Boal
Putting Digital Health to Work
The adoption of Telemedicine was quick when COVID-19 hit, will other forms of digital engagement follow? Find out what to expect moving forward.
Amitech Solutions
How to Speed Your RPA Implementation 20X with UiPath Automation Hub
Seconds are crucial in healthcare, Amitech has turned to UiPath's Automation Hub. Find out how we improved RPA implementation 20x.

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