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Hospital Workflow Processes & Automations That Can Help

Hospitals are inundated with important medical data coming, going, and changing every moment of the day. This is why it’s crucial to ensure efficient and appropriate hospital workflow processes. As we are now in a digital age, it’s imperative to collaborate with AI technology to help these processes run more smoothly and effectively.

We are offering up some hospital workflow processes & automations that can help your healthcare facility perform at its very best.

Automatic Patient Care Management

There are many times that high-risk patients don’t get the care they need when they should. This is often because some vital patient information isn’t always provided digitally. Unfortunately, this is a major problem that many healthcare facilities face.

The good news is that hospital workflow processes can help with this. Flint Care Management (FlintCM) is an automatic process that integrates all core information about a patient by collecting data from previously completed forms and documentation. Flint then uses this information and compares it to a patient’s previous medical records. 

The result is that you have all the patient’s history in one place. Even further, this AI technology then assesses the patient for any risks and will notify medical staff of any actions needed.

Technology to Improve Safety Audits

It’s no surprise that patients pose a risk of developing a hospital-acquired condition once they are admitted. This is the cause of many healthcare facilities facing potential malpractice suits and/or failing safety audits.

It’s vital to ensure patient quality not just for the risk of facing financial consequences but to always put the patient and their healthcare first. Flint Patient Quality (FlintPQ) was designed to enhance patient quality and prevent negative outcomes from safety audits. This smart technology compiles patient information including a patient’s admission all the way to providing the standard of care needed for each individual.

Smart Automatics to Assist with Medical Record Abstraction

Medical record abstracts are highly important to a patient’s healthcare journey – particularly if they are considered a complex medical case. The more complex the case is, the more information there is to review and pull for a medical record abstract. This easily leads to vital information being missed considering some charts hold tens of thousands of pages.

Flint Patient Quality Abstractor Assistant helps tremendously with hospital workflow processes. This AI technology is highly equipped to analyze the patient’s chart and pull any crucial information to help generate a medical record abstract. This makes it easier for the medical record abstractor, and it helps them to not miss any important patient information.   

Automated Processes to Prevent HIPAA Violations

With the dawn of the electronic health record (EHR), there has been a slew of HIPAA violations. We know that keeping a patient’s information on a computer can certainly come with its challenges. We also know that HIPAA continuously increases the amount of security needed for a patient’s EHR. This requires a considerable amount of time, resources, and money for healthcare faculty to ensure that there are no HIPAA violation concerns.

With automated processes, like Cumulus, it’s much easier to determine and ensure the privacy of a patient’s EHR. This technology is equipped to perform high-quality and efficient security checks on electronic health records. In turn, this helps to save valuable time and money for healthcare facilities.

The Rundown

There are hundreds of resources to improve your hospital workflow processes and automations. We have just listed a few that have been highly rated amongst medical professionals.

Amitech is leading the way when it comes to smart technology, hospital workflow processes, and automations. Contact Amitech today for more information about how you can implement their technology at your healthcare facility!

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