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Empowering Population Health with IoT

Right Care. Right Place. Right Time.  

Every health system wants to provide the best possible service for the patients who are entrusted to their care. But none can be confident about their ability to deliver when their only knowledge of the patient comes from occasional office visits, medical claims shared months after the encounter and patient-initiated inquires. With the decreasing costs and improved portability of clinical grade medical devices that patients can wear home from the hospital and the increasing popularity of personal fitness devices that can track a variety of key health metrics, care providers and insurance companies now have the opportunity to improve when, where, and what treatments are delivered to patients.  

Enter IoT 

Competition in the healthcare industry is increasing and the opportunity for innovation is at an all-time high. One result is deeper partnerships between providers, payors, and employers – all working together to improve population health and lower medical costs. At the same time, startups are developing new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that will allow healthcare innovators to take a fresh approach to meeting those market demands.   

This white paper aims to demonstrate the impact of the partnerships on the healthcare market and how payors and providers can get into the IoT game.  

In addition to practical tips on how to create and capture opportunities, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Better understand patients 
  • Retain and grow market share 
  • Provide value while lowering costs 
  • Improve customer relationships  

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