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Healing Healthcare with RPA

Healthcare providers and payors both face growing challenges in delivering services. 

Routine, rules-based tasks like member enrollment, provider credentialing or processing patient records don’t have to be one of them.

That’s because RPA takes on those rules-based tasks, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on the more important challenges that they’re uniquely qualified to handle.

This whitepaper from Amitech partner, UiPath –the global leader in RPA software—gives  insight into the potential impact of RPA on the daily tasks performed by healthcare providers and payors, whether government or private sector.

The paper provides an overview of problems facing the healthcare sector and the automation solutions that can help combat these challenges.

Highlights include:

  • External experts have estimated that up to 36% of healthcare has the potential for automation
  • With RPA unattended robots, UiPath estimates up to 60% of tasks completed by healthcare professionals can be automated
  • Up to 95% of claims management tasks for healthcare payors can move faster and be completed more accurately with RPA

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Did you know if hospitals do not achieve productivity growth by 2025, up to 60% could face negative margins? Amitech helped Mercy save $3M in the first year!


Common issues such as staff burnout, high costs, and human errors can be solved with the implementation of intelligent automation solutions.


Intelligent automation is the best way to reduce common errors, decrease the risk of staff burnout, and, ultimately, improve patient care!