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2021 Healthcare Predictions

2020 is a year that will never be forgotten. 

The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on our healthcare ecosystem - from leading the COVID-19 response to radically shifting consumer behaviors and the harsh economic realities caused by the pandemic. 

Our report is a result of conversations with our customers and leaders in the healthcare industry and our healthcare experts' perspectives. While we are not fortune tellers and cannot predict exactly how the industry will reshape from the crisis, we can certainly look at the trends and infer how the markets will respond to these trends. As we strive to create a better healthcare ecosystem, we expect these six predictions to stand out. 

We need to pause and reflect on the year 2020 and ensure that we incorporate the learnings to shape the future of healthcare. As you review the market response to these trends, we hope that it may trigger in your mind some new ideas to innovate, develop new business models, and create a healthcare system that can better weather the years ahead. 

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