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Amitech Solutions
How Data Analytics Can Be Used to Improve Healthcare
The ultimate goal of data analytics is to improve the quality of care for patients. Find out how from Amitech Solutions.
Amitech Solutions
3 Reasons Why You Need Effective Reporting in Healthcare Data Analytics
Find out why accuracy in healthcare data analytics is important for patient care, efficiency, and predicting public health situations.
Amitech Solutions
Clinical Program Analytics by Amitech
Amitech's Clinical Program Analytics services maximize financial impacts and health outcomes.
Amitech Solutions
How Automation Can Help with Workforce Transformation
Automation facilitates workforce transformation by improving employee productivity, optimizing business processes, and encouraging staff growth.
Amitech Solutions
What is Intelligent Automation and What Does it Mean for Healthcare?
What is intelligent automation? It’s the best way to speed up processing times, reduce errors & ultimately, improve patient care! Learn more from Amitech.
Amitech Solutions
Revenue Cycle Management for Hospitals: Payment Automation in Healthcare
Revenue cycle management for hospitals can be tricky to navigate, but automation can help. To learn more about the benefits of automation, contact Amitech.
Amitech Solutions
Why is the Total Cost of Care a Big Deal?
Healthcare in the United States produces a variety of less-than-desirable outcomes, including unclear buzzwords. On this list is “Total Cost of Care.”
Amitech Solutions
Top 4 Benefits of Data Analytics in Healthcare in 2023
Ring in the new year by learning about the top 4 benefits of data analytics in healthcare in 2023!
Amitech Solutions
Top 5 Intelligent Automation Trends in 2023
Technology is changing the game for businesses. Here are the top 5 intelligent automation trends in 2023!
Amitech Solutions
2023 Healthcare Trends
Amitech Founder & CEO, Amit Bhagat, breaks down six healthcare predictions to expect in 2023 and how the market is responding.
Amitech Solutions
3 Ways Healthcare Organizations Are Using Document Understanding
The healthcare industry relies heavily on technology. Here are 3 ways healthcare organizations are using document understanding!
Amitech Solutions
Transforming Healthcare with Data
Sharing is caring: See just how price transparency could reduce medical costs by hundreds of millions of dollars each year.
Amitech Solutions
Hospital Workflow Processes & Automations That Can Help
Wondering how to improve your hospital workflow? Here are some hospital workflow processes & automations that can help!
Amitech Solutions
How to Overcome Digital Workforce Security Challenges
Hear the most common topics and questions healthcare clients ask us about security concerns when enabling a digital workforce.
Amitech Solutions
Making Sense Of Your Data
When data impacts every level of your business and can dramatically change your bottom line, it's too risky not to evaluate your data management practices.

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