Improving and Predicting Clinical Outcomes with Automation

On-Demand Webinar | 61 min.

How can providers address healthcare inefficiencies with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Hear from Mercy, UiPath, and Amitech and learn how your health system can benefit from a good dose of RPA by Improving and Predicting Clinical Outcomes with Automation.

Mike Sarli, Executive Director of Quality and Safety at Mercy, shares how Mercy automates communicable disease transition control, COVID-19 reporting, and clinical operations. He also details their plans for broad applications of citizen development and attended automation. Additionally, join Amitech VP of Innovation & Product Development, Paul Boal and UiPath Global Healthcare Lead, Jason Warrelmann as they discuss strategies to ensure a scalable, enterprise-grade, and secure automation platform delivery from the onset of your automation journey and the benefits your healthcare organization can expect.

Watch the on-demand webinar featuring demos, Q&A, and detailed use case examples displaying how healthcare providers can leverage automation technologies to improve the manual and intensive processes in the clinical space.

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Did you know if hospitals do not achieve productivity growth by 2025, up to 60% could face negative margins? Amitech helped Mercy save $3M in the first year!


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