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Paul Boal
Putting Digital Health to Work
The adoption of Telemedicine was quick when COVID-19 hit, will other forms of digital engagement follow? Find out what to expect moving forward.
Paul Boal
When NOT to Automate
Automation is a powerful and effective tool, but it’s not always the right fit. Check out this quick guide to understanding when NOT to use RPA.
Paul Boal
Using Social Determinants of Health to Predict Your House at Hogwarts!
Learn about the data science behind our Social Determinants of Health quiz and how it can be used to solve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.
Paul Boal
AI Doesn't Have to be a Black Box
As humans, we are taught to question and learn why, but AI and ML make that challenging. Here is why.
Paul Boal
Two Techniques to Enhance Decision Trees
Machine Learning isn’t just a big black box that understands data and is magically able to make accurate predictions about the future. Here, we'll explain what Decision Trees are and how to enhance them.
Paul Boal
The Dawn of Digital HEDIS & How to Reduce Administrative Burden
Have you been dreaming of Digital HEDIS? If so, you might be in luck!
Paul Boal
Getting Warmer on Wellness Tech
Google is working on a health & wellness coach for its smartwatches. Could they be the key to taking healthcare AI mainstream through wellness tech?
Paul Boal
Diving into Data Context
Find out how you can help your organization be better prepared to make timely decisions with an intuitive, easy-to-use tool.
Paul Boal
Transforming Healthcare IT: What does the future hold?
How well prepared are you for the coming changes in healthcare? No matter what the future holds, the prepared will be the ones left standing. Those who are focused on creating value will flourish.
Paul Boal
Two Missing Links in Your Healthcare Analytic Strategies
Find out the four steps to better healthcare analytics outcomes through better analytic strategies.
Paul Boal
The Secret Sauce of Analytics Success
Find out how a wider range of data types put to good use could create a whole new class of unexpected insights.
Paul Boal
Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking about Care Management
To increase quality and access to data, healthcare leaders will have to understand that they need to adapt to a new digital healthcare system.
Paul Boal
Connecting Analytics to Results
Healthcare organizations already have the fundamental building blocks in place to act on analytics insights. All you really need is a strategy for putting it together.
Paul Boal
Action Figures
Get the most from your healthcare analytics initiatives as quickly and effectively as possible. Download our free eBook today!
Paul Boal
The Biggest Problem with Managing Unstructured Data & How to Fix It
If collecting data is the only objective of your analytics strategy, you're missing the point (and several opportunities in managing unstructured data).

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