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Paul Boal
Signs You Need Help With Clinical Analytics
Clinical analytics can provide patients with high-quality personalized care through the insights generated from medical data in real-time.
Paul Boal
How to Win Big with Healthcare Data Analytics
With growing pressure to reduce cost and increase quality of care, the global healthcare analytics market is predicted to see years of rapid growth. Are you prepared to win big?
Paul Boal
Data Mining in Healthcare without Skipping Steps
Data mining in healthcare is not something to be overlooked but, if you're going to do something, you should do it right.
Paul Boal
Applying the Pareto Principle to your Cloud Strategy
You want to transition to the cloud but don't know where to start. Here are three easy steps to get you started.
Paul Boal
Bad Doctors Aren’t Necessarily Bad Doctors
As healthcare becomes more consumer-oriented, providers need to consider the whole patient experience.
Paul Boal
Garbage In, Garbage Out: Improving Data Governance Tools
The information that is missing does not draw our attention. Addressing this issue can vastly improve the garbage in, garbage out phenomenon.
Paul Boal
The Age of the Data Connoisseur
Do you know what the biggest contributor to the high cost of healthcare in the US is?
Paul Boal
3 Common Hang-ups of Healthcare Data Analytics
A Reminder That all Reporting Capabilities Aren't Created Equal
Paul Boal
Is Blockchain Technology Ripe or Overhyped?
Where is your focus? Is it on a novel technology or adding business value?
Paul Boal
Taking Control of Compliance
Through Education, Personalization and Culture
Paul Boal
Digitization of Healthcare & Why Patient Portals Fail
Digitization of healthcare happens more every year, so why do patient portals fail so often? Hint: It’s a People Problem
Paul Boal
Flipping the Perspective on Electronic Health Records
Managing the Clash of Old vs. New
Paul Boal
Never Compromise Your Way Out of an Opportunity
Reconsidering Project Constraints
Paul Boal
Doing No Harm is the Least You Could Do
Applying the Hippocratic Oath to Data Governance
Paul Boal
A Business Case for Interoperability
Find Solutions Rather than Excuses

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