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RPA Needs a Blueprint to Scale

Healthcare payers and providers continue to hear how robotic process automation, RPA, can eliminate manual, mundane tasks and utilize bots to efficiently streamline repetitive work. 

 and other analysts began seeing RPA as more than a digital buzzword after RPA software revenue surpassed 60% annual growth in 2018. However, many forward-thinking organizations that have tried to adopt RPA technologies lack a strategic foundation rooted in a focus on business value and detailed planning. As a result, their efforts have been unable to scale into long-term capabilities that span multiple business areas. 




According to Forbes, "scaling RPA has been difficult to execute" for companies across a variety of industries, including healthcare. The complexity of RPA has made the technology hard to administer, putting the burden of execution on payers and providers that may have limited access to the necessary technical and organizational change expertise. 


"RPA is not a silver bullet when it comes to digital transformation — in fact, if its limitations are not adequately understood (and at the risk of mixing metaphors), it can quickly become a dead end." 


At Amitech Solutions, we have developed RPA solutions at the intersection of data, analytics, and automation. Through 20 years of deep healthcare experience, we have built proven processes to harness the power of data to bring analytics, automation, and strategy to life for organizations. 


RPA should start with a blueprint and level-setting business objectives, talent, and culture. Without a proper roadmap RPA initiatives will never make the transition from crawl to walk to run. This is why Amitech Solutions developed FlintBlueprint - to help clients effectively deploy RPA by evaluating readiness for automation, assessing the landscape, creating a vision for the future with a business case for change, and defining critical Center of Excellence capabilities. 

Through a simple three-phase process, Blueprint defines what your organization, specifically, needs to be successful in deploying and scaling RPA across multiple departments and maximize business value. 

Learn more about RPA from UiPath, one of Amitech’s leading partners, or click here to see how FlintBlueprint helps accelerate and sustain the value of automation at your organization.  

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