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How Healthcare Managed Services With RPA Will Benefit Your Organization

healthcare managed services conceptOver the past few years, healthcare providers and medical organizations have begun to embrace automated technology in significant ways. Indeed, as we have noted before, researchers estimate that up to 60% of task-based work in the healthcare sector can be automated. As such, it is not a surprise that many healthcare organizations are now introducing or increasing robotic process automation (RPA) platforms in the workplace. However, RPA platforms are not perfect solutions on their own. Like any technology, they require support from industry experts to ensure they are delivering real, measurable, long-term business value. That is why healthcare managed services are so vital. Here are three key reasons why a healthcare organization should partner with a third-party healthcare-specific expert to manage their RPA technology services.

Optimized Performance

Though RPA technology is becoming more widespread, there are still several myths about what RPA programs can and cannot do. To sum it up very briefly, RPA tools are very effective at performing highly repetitive tasks quickly and accurately. Alone, RPA tech is not capable of applying critical thinking skills and dynamically adapting to external changes the way most humans can. As such, professionals still need to monitor, manage, and adjust how the RPA programs are running to ensure the best outcomes –– for both patients and doctors. Even well-designed RPA programs still require regular maintenance. Without that crucial level of RPA support, a medical organization may collect and use incorrect, outdated, or irrelevant data. On the other hand, having a dedicated team available to keep RPA bots running smoothly allows an organization to focus its own time on identifying additional value-creating RPA opportunities.

Reduced Costs

There are two types of costs related to RPA technology –– one-time installation expenses and expenses associated with monitoring and maintenance. This means that business leaders must factor in support and maintenance into the total cost of ownership (TCO) for their RPA strategy. By prioritizing healthcare managed services early on, healthcare organizations can reduce many costs related to RPA mishaps. This includes preventative measures to ensure RPA effectiveness, as well as implementing proactive updates to RPA processes. Reducing those RPA costs can enable healthcare and medical organizations to reallocate financial resources in the service of members and patients.

More Time

RPA programs are intended to make life easier for business and medical professionals. Unfortunately, broken or outdated programs have just the opposite effect. Considering how valuable time is for healthcare professionals, it is essential that organizations ensure their RPA processes prevent errors. With optimized RPA managed services, healthcare professionals can focus on providing quality patient care and customer service –– without stressing about RPA reliability. (Healthcare workers are busy enough as it is!)

In the end, partnering with the right healthcare RPA managed services provider can ensure healthcare organizations operate with greater efficiency, save money, and deliver more positive outcomes. 


While there are many companies that provide RPA healthcare managed services, Amitech specializes in offering key IT and RPA services optimized specifically for healthcare organizations. We have years of experience working with healthcare facilities, providers, and payors, and we understand the unique challenges of optimizing technology solutions in this field. You can contact us here to learn more about our methods or to get started with us today!


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