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What Can Be Done About Rising Healthcare Costs

Welcome to the latest #DataRX Report, a weekly digest of interesting news and trending topics in the healthcare industry. Every Friday we're pulling together the best articles and insights to keep payors and providers informed, engaged and up to date on the headlines that are impacting the industry. 



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What We Can All Do About Rising Healthcare Costs
Patients now account for 35% of provider revenue, the third largest source of provider income behind Medicare and Medicaid. In 2000, patients only paid 5% of healthcare provider revenue. Find out what has changed and check out the 10 best practices for a healthcare industry that relies on patients for a significant portion of its revenue.



Prescription for Payors

Doctor showing xray to his patient in medical officeIt Costs $685 Billion a Year to Subsidize U.S. Health Insurance
The U.S. government funds almost 700 billion dollars to help provide Americans under age 65 with health insurance through their jobs or in government-sponsored health programs. Learn about the four main categories the money is going to.
Group of business people assembling jigsaw puzzle and represent team support and help conceptTop 5 Questions for Payers about Population Health Initiatives
As Value-Based Care kicks into full drive, healthcare payors are looking to manage costs and reward providers for managing chronic disease and improving prevention. Here’s the burning questions providers want answers to.


Doctor taking care of patient in hospital room-1Payer-provider convergence: What IT considerations to make as ‘payvider’ becomes reality
The ‘payvider’ model is becoming more and more common and allows health systems to establish their own health plan or partner closely with an existing payer. The goal is to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Check out the top priorities to include when considering whether your organization is ready for the payvider age.


Prescription for Providers

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Signs You Need Help with Clinical Analytics
Today’s patients have higher expectations for care. Clinical analytics can provide high quality, personalized care through the insights generated from medical data in real-time. Learn more about how clinical analytics is shaking things up.

Clinical doctor examinating modern heartbeat graphicsThe complex EHR mess that hinders interoperability
The average hospital relies on 16 different EHR platforms. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has redirected its meaningful use EHR incentive program to focus on interoperability. Read more about the complexity and the approach moving forward.

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