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Cultivating Consulting Firms in the St. Louis Region

A Flowing Metropolis
The city of St. Louis largely owes its choice location to Pierre Laclède who selected the site as a fur trading post in 1764. He chose the location specifically because of how close it was to the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Throughout the 19th century, thousands of eager immigrants–excited at the prospect of a new life–flocked to the area creating another confluence but, instead of flowing water, of flowing commerce and trade.

This industrious pattern has continued for generations and today the St. Louis region is home to 9 fortune 500 companies across a wide array of industries including aviation, biotechnology, electrical utilities, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications (to name a few). The older industrial buildings throughout the city have also served as incubators for startups and small businesses.

Specialized Solutions in St. Louis
This wide range of business has opened up opportunities for consulting firms to specialize in key areas which may be outside their client’s area of expertise such as legal counsel, actuarial and risk management services, IT infrastructure, and talent acquisition.  But there are other, less obvious benefits to hiring a consulting firm.

Business owners have often invested so much time and money into their business that having someone with broad market knowledge, and a fresh set of eyes looking at the same issues provides a completely new set of potential solutions.

Apart from this outside perspective, a consulting firm provides something that business simply do not have... Time. Hiring a consultant saves time and money associated with retraining employees and often provides an in-depth explanation of methodologies and recommendations to the leadership team which is a great learning opportunity. This should not be an overlooked benefit. As Warren Buffet has said, “That's how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest.”

Amitech Solutions as Your Trusted Consulting Firm
At Amitech, we are motivated to see you succeed. We go above and beyond to be the advisor you trust, an advisor who you come to when you know you need to get it right the first time. We stand out in St. Louis as a leader in Business Intelligence, with a commitment to cutting edge technology, hands-on implementation and a focus on creating sustainable, long-term value for our clients.

Testing the boundaries of “information technology” consulting, we have proven experience in areas ranging from data storage and governance, cloud computing, population health, change management, and talent engagement support.

Reach out to us to today, and let us help you assess, design and implement a solution that will make you as successful as you can be.

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