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What is IT Staffing? Everything Recruiters Need to Know

what is IT staffingIn theory, staffing an IT department should not be any different from recruiting and hiring employees for any position. In practice, though, assembling a quality IT team that understands the unique needs and goals of your organization can be very challenging. What is IT staffing and why does it present such a problem for recruiters? In brief, the answer comes down to specificity. IT is a huge field and it covers a wide range of specialized skills. As such, finding talented individuals who have the skills and experience to handle any given project can be tricky –– to put it mildly. Today, we’ll take a closer look at how successful staffing is more strategic than putting a person on your team and explain several key factors that recruiters should understand about this process:

IT Staffing Models

While many companies require IT staffing to some degree, no two businesses go about staffing in the same way. So when we ask "what is IT staffing", that answer can differ depending on your needs. Some companies hire permanent IT staff members to cover day-to-day operations. Others hire IT professionals to work on special projects. Those companies that want to accelerate IT capabilities depend on strategic organizations, such as Amitech, to offer IT consultants backed by a team grounded in deep expertise. So it’s crucial for recruiters to understand how they plan on deploying IT professionals before they begin the hiring process. Figuring out what kind of worker you want will inform your employment choices.

IT Coordination

Large software and automation projects often require multiple IT professionals to collaborate with each other in order to ensure positive outcomes. Unfortunately, some recruiters don’t focus on IT coordination during the hiring process. Yet, hiring several new IT professionals at once and expecting them to work together –– often remotely –– is obviously problematic. This is why it’s important for companies to enlist the services of individuals who either have experience collaborating together or who have complementary skills that will make collaboration simple and effective.


Hiring talented IT professionals is certainly a step in the right direction for growing organizations, but quality team members alone won’t guarantee desired results. Rather, businesses must also make onboarding a priority if they want to put their team, including consultants, in a position to succeed. Onboarding programs are vital because they allow new IT employees to learn the needs, values, goals, and expectations of their new business. Without them, new IT pros may lack clarity on certain aspects of their role. Solidifying an onboarding plan with a staffing firm is critical to an effective relationship. Collaboration with onboarding, one of Amitech’s core competencies, across staffing partners is an added value most organizations do not offer.

Technical Ability & Industry Knowledge

IT recruiters must have the ability to vet potential candidates based on their technical ability and knowledge of the industry, such as the medical/healthcare industry. Knowing how to question candidates on their experience and skills is essential to making smart hiring decisions. Plus, companies need to enlist IT professionals who appreciate the unique challenges associated with the company’s field. Identifying IT professionals with experience in the industry could obviously be helpful in this regard, but it is not the only factor worth considering.

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