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UiPath & RPA: How Amitech’s Partnerships Improve Healthcare Automation

Automation is fast becoming sacrosanct in all types of industries. In healthcare, it helps predict, diagnose and treat disease, as well as mitigates the burden of repetitive, clerical tasks like scheduling; prior authorizations; charge capture; claims and bill processing; and more! It’s an exciting time in medicine, not just because research continues to advance diagnostic insight, but because many robotic process automation developers are creating digital platforms that can be used to streamline providers’ operational processes and actually improve the quality of patient care.

UiPath, one of world's leading automation software providers, for instance, is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing a proprietary automation platform that is able to minimize administrative costs and improve the continuity of care by reducing the risk of human errors and freeing staff and other care providers from mundane duties that take them away from patients and therapeutic care. When coupled with the consulting services we offer here at Amitech, the benefits are even further magnified. Take a look:

What UiPath Provides

UiPath provides robotic process automation (RPA) software to companies around the world. It is considered one of the leading providers of automation technology globally. Put plainly, UiPath offers a platform for the automation of repetitive front and back office tasks that can be used in a variety of industries. UiPath’s platform is especially helpful in the healthcare industry because it improves both patient and provider experiences, allowing patients, care providers and administrators alike to move through the medical system with the least amount of disruption, frustration and misapplication while avoiding unnecessary costs. UiPath’s technology enables robots to take over many of those tasks previously controlled by human staff, providing relief for overworked health care providers; monetary savings for the organizations to whom they are employed; and better overall attention to the patients served. Starting with the scheduling of an appointment and ending with a bill being paid, UiPath’s automation software supports a continuum of care that can be seamlessly interfaced with other platforms (such as electronic health records, security and privacy programs and collaboration systems), as well as installed and/or delivered via various means (including the cloud, physical hardware or a combination of the two), making it a valuable tool for reducing costs, boosting morale and minimizing errors that often lead to claim and prior authorization rejections, inaccurate note-taking, billing mishaps and even poor quality of care.

What Amitech Provides

Our team here at Amitech provides consulting services focused on healthcare data, automation and analytics. With the breadth of experience our employees bring to the table, Amitech is uniquely equipped to advise healthcare partners of the tools best designed to improve their organizations’ bottom lines while at the same time maximizing their patients’ experiences. Unlike other consulting firms, our attention is centered on healthcare, empowering us to stay ahead of the competition and bring only the most relevant and accessible options for operational improvements to the clients we serve.

How a UiPath/Amitech Partnership Amplifies the Benefits of Healthcare Automation

We offer UiPath’s automation platform at Amitech because we believe it is the best automation software available. And when you couple one of the world’s leading automation platforms with the expertise that years of working exclusively in the healthcare sector provides, the results are always evident. Our clients here at Amitech receive expert guidance that leverages their data with automated processes in a way that always yields tangible results. Our agility and our focus on specific healthcare-related issues mean our clients save money and time and sometimes even their patients’ lives! Please contact us to learn more.

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