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The Sales Force Meets Science

The Challenge: Getting Out of the Guesswork Game

Traditionally, the sales structure and strategy of healthcare payors has been driven by a combination of longstanding best-practices and gut-instinct guidance. However, what has worked in the past is not cutting it in a new era of increased demand for accountability and rising pressure to reduce premiums. Recognizing the limitations of their current strategy to adapt to this new reality in addition to heightened competition and changing consumer expectation, one major payor turned to Amitech for an SFE strategy capable of transforming both what is expected and what is possible for sales results and ROI. 

The Solution: Data in the Driver’s Seat

Based on extensive data gathering and analysis, Amitech built a sophisticated model for sales force effectiveness that applied an empirically-based approach to comprehensive sales strategy across the organization. Touching everything from workload optimization to territory restructuring, goal-setting and incentive-based alignment, the model made an immediate and drastic impact on sales revenue and efficiency. 

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