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Paul Boal
The Secret Sauce of Analytics Success
Find out how a wider range of data types put to good use could create a whole new class of unexpected insights.
Paul Boal
Connecting Analytics to Results
Healthcare organizations already have the fundamental building blocks in place to act on analytics insights. All you really need is a strategy for putting it together.
Amitech Solutions
When is the Right Time to Hire a Healthcare Analytics Consulting Firm?
If you're considering hiring a healthcare analytics consulting firm, check out this blog first to determine whether now is the right time.
Amitech Solutions
Ways to Make Smarter Decisions with Healthcare Business Intelligence
In the midst of an ever-changing healthcare ecosystem, healthcare business intelligence provides an adaptive edge.
Paul Boal
The Biggest Problem with Managing Unstructured Data & How to Fix It
If collecting data is the only objective of your analytics strategy, you're missing the point (and several opportunities in managing unstructured data).
Amitech Solutions
Unstructured Data: Best Practices in Hospitals
Unstructured data is difficult to work with but crucial for healthcare providers to manage.
Paul Boal
Data Mining in Healthcare without Skipping Steps
Data mining in healthcare is not something to be overlooked but, if you're going to do something, you should do it right.
Amitech Solutions
5 Common Pitfalls of Data Analytics (and How to Avoid Them!)
Learn What NOT to Do if You Want a Data Strategy that Delivers
Eric Keeney
Decoding Healthcare Price Transparency – Part II
What's stopping healthcare patients from being real healthcare consumers?
Paul Boal
Garbage In, Garbage Out: Improving Data Governance Tools
The information that is missing does not draw our attention. Addressing this issue can vastly improve the garbage in, garbage out phenomenon.
Amitech Solutions
Interoperability Rising to the Top
A push for patients to become true customers, putting a stop to data blocking
Paul Boal
The Age of the Data Connoisseur
Do you know what the biggest contributor to the high cost of healthcare in the US is?
Amitech Solutions
#DataRX Report: March 2, 2018
Your Weekly Dose of Data Analytics News & Views
Amitech Solutions
Indispensable IT
How a Leading Healthcare Payor Transformed Information Systems & Technology into a Valuable and Trusted Business Resource
Amitech Solutions
Putting the Business Back in BI
How a Major Southern Payor Reimagined the Role of Data Management & BI to Improve Care and Drive Real-World Results

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