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Surgical Precision Outside the OR

The Challenge: Chronic Diseases are Killing Us 

Seven of the top 10 causes of the death in the U.S. are directly attributable to one or more major chronic health conditions.1 Coming in at number seven on the list, diabetes is a particularly heavy hitter—affecting more than 9% of the total population and accounting for a staggering $245 billion in annual healthcare costs.2  With one in three patients admitted to hospitals in the Carondelet Health Network presenting as diagnosed diabetics, the situation called for a new and innovative approach to managing diabetes treatment and the corresponding costs.  

The Solution: Target & Treat 

To test a more pro-active and thereby more cost-effective management approach to diabetes care, Carondelet Health Network worked with Amitech to develop a risk scoring algorithm to stratify admitted patients based on already available clinical and demographic data and simple behavioral survey questions. Clinical parameters helped to determine a patient’s final diabetes “score, which was tied directly to a treatment protocol that involved a multidisciplinary, bilingual medical team. Throughout the course of treatment, both the medical team and the patient themselves used an end-to-end application built by Amitech to capture clinical pathway data and help manage treatment activity. 

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1.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity: Data, Trends and Maps 
2. http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/statistics/ 

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