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COVID-19 Business Challenges & Our Strategic Staffing Solutions

2020 has brought a lot of new challenges, especially to businesses. Besides managing a global pandemic, many organizations have been forced to close temporarily, offer new work from home options, oversee budget cuts, as well as operate with smaller staff 

During this unprecedented period, Amitech Solutions has diligently been listening to customers about their staffing needs. We have realized our customers need access to our 20+ years of IT experience and services – but in a form that allows us to be an extension to our customer’s teams. Amitech’s strategic staffing solutions have been adjusted to ensure each consultant brings all of Amitech to every project meaning you can tap into IT experts from team leads to subject matter experts. 

“IT hiring will remain soft but improving slightly. Many companies are resuming existing operations slowly, but are holding back on any expansion until after the [Nov. 3] election.”1 

Kit Cushman joined the Amitech team earlier this year to help rebrand our strategic staffing solutions. As the Amitech Staffing Solutions Manager, Kit is responsible for leading both the business development and recruiting teams. Kit comes to Amitech well versed in leading effective recruiting and sales strategies across IT consulting and staffing organizations. Customers view Kit as their Workforce Partner solving customer’s talent augmentation needs ranging from locating hard-to-findniche talent to completing quick-fill hiring demands.  

 Once COVID became prevalent, many customers told us that they were struggling with different staffing needs. In turn, we offered them something unique that typical staffing firms could not provide  access to all of Amitech’s expertise, talent and knowledge base. We also knew we needed to bring in an industry expert to help us take strategic staffing solutions  to the next level. Kit is exactly that person, he has been instrumental in our staffing success in 2020 and we are looking forward to seeing what is next to come,” said Amitech Chief Strategy Officer, Tim Branham 

Due to COVID-19, businesses are having to make tough decisions to operate more efficiently while adjusting talent to meet financial pressures associated with a global pandemic. Kit and his team at Amitech are here for you to help navigate your talent concernsWhether you are trying to reduce costs by using nearshore/offshore consultants, finding critical roles are going unfilled for too long, or you’ve settled for lower-quality candidates Amitech is here for you.   

Amitech understands that every customer has unique needs. Amitech spends time listening to and understanding the customer’s individual requirements before suggesting how to help reduce costs while improving value. Amitech recruiters focus on quality above all else. Additionally, Amitech does the due diligence needed on the front end, before submitting candidates, to ensure only the best candidates are being submitted to our customer’s hiring managers. This commitment ensures the hiring managers are not wasting valuable time with sub-par candidates. 

Amitech is here to be an extension to your IT team. Contact us today to see how we can help your team and become your Trusted Talent Partner. Follow Amitech Solutions on LinkedIn or visit our open career opportunities here. 

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