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RPA Use Case Validation

Assessing Automation Value with RPA Use Case Validation

Automating the wrong process is a leading cause for RPA failure and missed expectations on automation ROI. 

RPA programs often take a narrow view of the value that organizations can realize from automation by focusing only on productivity. They rely exclusively on technical complexity and lack a comprehensive automation scoring methodology that takes into account hidden costs and value. With a strategic view of practical automation options, RPA Use Case Validation identifies and assesses your organization’s best automation opportunities.

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How it Works

Maximizing the value realized in healthcare automation requires deep industry experience in operations and RPA implementations. Assessment of automation feasibility must account for dependencies and complexities that can be overlooked without healthcare expertise and a proven automation scoring methodology. Amitech’s RPA Use Case Validation engages the right business and technical teams to identify and vet high-impact RPA opportunities.

RPA Use Case Validation quickly clarifies the potential business value, feasibility, and cost of automation opportunities that are already in your backlog of ideas by:

  • Using proven RPA process assessment templates to quickly collect key process metrics.
  • Engaging SMEs in a structured RPA discovery workshop.
  • Scoring 2-4 automation ideas for value, feasibility, risks, and scalability using Amitech’s proven RPA methodology.
  • Ask us about implementation packages.

The BOT-tom Line:

  • Find Hidden Value
  • Identify Complexity
  • Validate Return on Investment

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A staggering 80% of enterprise automation programs fail to deliver any substantial return and stall out within their first two years.