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Putting the Business Back in BI

The Challenge: Disconnected Dysfunction 

The transition to value-based care has left many healthcare payors and providers scrambling to bring outdated and inefficient Business Intelligence solutions up to speed. What’s more, traditional processes for data management and analytics had left the BI landscape littered with solutions divorced from the reality of business needs and value. 

Years ahead of the ACA, executive-level leadership at a major healthcare payor surveyed their existing business intelligence and information management capabilities and found a slow, siloed infrastructure beleaguered with redundancies and inconsistency. But where others might have ignored the issues or kicked the can down the road, they saw the disconnect between BI and business users as an opportunity.  

The Solution: Getting Ahead of the Data Curve 

In partnership with Amitech, the organization set out to develop an advanced, independent BI solution. More than just a means to meet the growing demand for clean and reliable data, the new BI team would now be able to radically improve the amount, speed, and quality of analysis—creating insights and innovations that could lead to a sustainable competitive advantage. 

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