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Gain Visibility and Insights with Price Transparency Data Service

Did you know The Public Health Service Act now requires hospitals to publish their payor-negotiated rates for at least 300 shoppable services, but the data is hard to consume because it exists in widely varying file formats across hundreds of sources?

A woman getting a C-section at a hospital could expect to pay $13,000 to $28,000, depending on her insurance provider. When the price for the same procedure performed at the same hospital by the same physicians varies so much from patient to patient, it makes one question the very basis of the U.S. healthcare pricing model. Amitech's price transparency data service helps your teams gain deeper insights into the pricing variations across your markets. It also is designed to help your teams develop strategies with provider partners to lower the cost of care for all.

A hospital's price for a given procedure can vary widely depending on a patient's plan. Likewise, the same procedure may cost much more at one hospital or under one plan than a different plan or hospital - for the very same patient.

Amitech's Price Transparency Data Service provides numerous benefits to your teams to help reduce the cost of healthcare while providing deeper insights into market-wide pricing variations including:

    1. Gain Wide Visibility into Pricing Data
    2. Bring More Equity into Provider Contracts
    3. Reduce Cost of Healthcare for All Stakeholders

Click here to learn more about Amitech's data, automation and analytics solutions and how they are applied at leading healthcare providers and payors to provide real-world solutions every day to make healthcare better.

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