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Amitech Solutions
FlintPC™ by Amitech
Automate Provider Credentialing and accelerate provider onboarding by 30%.
Amit Bhagat
Acceleration of Drug Discovery
The healthcare industry's adoption of modernized technologies is imperative to keep up with the pace of change, especially for pharmaceutical and life-science organizations.
Amit Bhagat
Exponential Improvement from Data, AI, and Digital Technologies
We expect advances in technologies to play a critical role in transforming healthcare in the years to come. Adoption across providers and payors is helping to make healthcare better and more affordable.
Amit Bhagat
Consumer First Thinking
Find out the keys to being a successful healthcare organization in years to come.
Amit Bhagat
The Rightsizing of Healthcare Delivery
As we emerge from the pandemic, provider organizations will have to develop efficient and effective ways to deliver healthcare services.
Amitech Solutions
How Does RPA Work?
Find out how RPA works, key benefits, and some RPA use cases in healthcare.
Amitech Solutions
FlintPQ™ Chart Abstractor Assistant by Amitech
Accelerate Your Patient Quality and Safety Journey with a Chart Abstractor Assistant
Amitech Solutions
Amitech’s RPA Quick Start
Healthcare leaders and innovators now have four new ways to quickly make an impact on healthcare using automation.
Amit Bhagat
Reconfiguration of Healthcare Industry Landscape Due to Economic Pressure
The pandemic proved that the healthcare industry could be impacted by a crisis. Find out what changes to expect in 2021 to relieve some of the economic pressure.
Amitech Solutions
Gain Visibility and Insights with Price Transparency Data Service
The price for a given procedure can vary widely depending on a patient's plan or the hospital. Find out what Amitech is doing to help gain visibility and insights for price transparency.
Eric Keeney
Decoding Healthcare Price Transparency
Can Greater Price Transparency Prevent High ER Bills?
Amit Bhagat
Acceleration & Impacts of Healthcare Reform
The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on our healthcare ecosystem. We are all wondering what the impacts of healthcare reform on the ecosystem will be.
Amitech Solutions
Automation Projects: An RPA Quick Start Overview
Amitech has four unique ways to help you get started quickly with your automation projects, each one tailored to where you are in your RPA journey.
Amitech Solutions
FlintBlueprint - Roadmapping RPA
A staggering 80% of enterprise automation programs fail to deliver any substantial return and stall out within their first two years.
Amitech Solutions
RPA Starter Kit
Many people think that getting started with automation takes months of planning and development, but it does not have to.

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