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Little Nudges, Big Impact

The Challenge: Flighty Patients & Payment Reform Don’t Mix 

The post-ACA shift to value-based care and compensation finds healthcare payors and providers scrambling for solutions to help them more effectively manage population health. Research has shown that patient engagement is an important factor for successfully lowering costs and improving patient health.1 Given the extreme rise in popularity of mobile health apps and devices,2 you might assume that the wearables market has huge potential to help fill the gap for healthcare providers looking for a means to connect with patients and promote self-engagement—and you would be wrong. 

Despite their ability to fly off shelves, mobile health and wellness devices rarely hold the attention of users long enough to make a measurable impact on either. Studies have shown that approximately one third of devices are not used after a period of 6-12 months.3 With Fitbit devices, specifically, 50% of users abandon engagement within the first two weeks.4 

Our Solution: A Totally New Breed of mHealth Platform  

Amitech worked with our client to develop a breakthrough mHealth platform that leverages near real-time streaming data, psychographic user profiles and a predictive analytics engine that sets the platform apart from other health and wellness apps. This technology goes beyond the traditional, simplistic biometric reporting (like number of steps), instead offering up truly useful insights and personalized “nudge” suggestions to impact key behaviors in the moment.  

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