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Indispensable IT

The Challenge: The ACA Squeeze  

With strict limits on premium increases and the rules about how much of that revenue is reserved for medical expenses and quality improvements, the ACA has made it mandatory for healthcare payors to figure out how to do more with less. As pressure builds to make the most of resources that have been spread thin, traditionally structured IT organizations are finding themselves in the cross-hairs.  

The Solution: Project Indispensable 

With so much at stake, senior leaders at Arkansas BlueCross BlueShield sought to flip the script with a top-to-bottom transformation in the structure and role of IS/IT in the organization. In partnership with Amitech, a plan was set in motion to modernize processes, structure and operations while simultaneously re-positioning IS/IT as a strategic, proactive business partner with a vital role in the future success of the company. 

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