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Improve Payor Negotiation Power with Price Transparency Data

The Challenge: New Price Transparency Data Publication Regulations

Many hospitals are publishing the required price transparency data files, but have not made any effort to standardize that data or make it easy to use. Since the CMS did not specify specific standards for the data, the formats and levels of detail vary widely across hospitals, requiring a tedious, case-by-case process for downloading, cleaning, reformatting, and aggregating data for each health system. 

The Solution: Remodeling Price Transparency Data

An automated, cloud-based solution to download, clean, reformat, standardize, and report pricing data from multiple hospitals into a common, purpose-built data service. The solution can handle various file structures and formats, including Excel/CSV, text, JSON, XML, or PDF. On top of the standardized and aggregated output, the solution allows customers to add analytics and visualization. The solution is scalable to add any number of hospitals and data files. 

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