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When is the Right Time to Hire a Healthcare Analytics Consulting Firm?

Since the adoption of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the healthcare industry and big data have intertwined in ways that are affecting not only patients, but medical practitioners, administrators and retailers, as well. Moving away from the traditional clinical record that oftentimes held cryptic and ambiguous meaning for anyone other than the clinician transcribing it, healthcare systems are now required to adhere to standards of entry across all areas of the industry, making it much easier for information to be shared amongst physicians, laboratories, pharmacies, patients and payers of all kinds. Such standardization allows for improved overall efficiency with lower costs, fewer errors, a real-time connection and better decision-making for better patient care.

Federal guidelines govern compliance; thus, healthcare providers must pay careful attention to the type of data they collect, when and why they ask for it and where they store it. It’s a big responsibility and one that often stymies the best of those working in healthcare, especially when they realize they have a massive amount of data but not the right skills with which to glean meaning from it. It’s at this point that a lot of healthcare providers turn to an analytics consulting firm.

Healthcare analysts can help providers sort through, file and interpret their data, as well as implement actionable (and tangible!) results. In an age where technological transitions and value-based care are quickly becoming the normal course of action rather than the exception, practitioners are being asked to be clinical technician, financier, IT wizard and psychic all at the same time. It’s an impossible expectation of even the smartest healthcare professionals.

So with that being said, when is the right time to hire a healthcare analytics consulting firm?

  • When you know the data must be somewhere, but can’t quite find it – we can help you discover and organize the information you have, and implement a practical data governance model so that you don’t misplace your data in the future

  • When you start to explore new business models and ways of delivering care – we can help you understand the economics, operations, and key metrics to evaluate those models and drive successful execution

  • When your existing IT systems are overwhelmed by the growing volume of data – we can introduce you to new big data and advanced analytics technologies that enable your teams to get answers more complex, larger volumes of data in less time

  • When the data you need is changing faster that your teams can react to – we can implement agile methodologies and pragmatic changes to how you design solutions, manage incoming and ever changing business needs, and collaboratively organize around data and analytics

  • When you feel like you’re buried in data and reports, but aren’t making the operational changes necessary to move the needle on business metrics – our change management methodology will help you create a culture of accountability that drives business value and gets everything aligned around common goals

When the weekly and nightly batch updates to your data and reporting systems aren’t able to provide the information you need to make daily operational decisions – we can incrementally transform your legacy batch architecture into a real-time data stream that enables proactive decision support

The Purpose of Data Analytics

Data is only good if and when it can identify, label and measure those distinguishing features of a population and them predict action from them. When delivering quality care leaves a provider with little to no time for staying abreast of quality data management, a reputable healthcare analytics consulting firm can be the deciding force that not only personalizes care but improves it, tracks it and ultimately lowers its cost.

Why Choose Amitech Solutions for Healthcare Analytics Help?

At Amitech Solutions, we work with clients to minimize the risk, time and expense of managing clinical and administrative data so that the real work of improving lives can continue. Contact us to learn how we can help you maximize your data for results that add value to the people you serve and strengthen your business outcomes.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can escape the data swamp with a healthcare analytics consulting firm, download our free case study "Escaping the Data Swamp" to see how Amitech helped a major midwest healthcare provider conquer their data challenges: 


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