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Future of RPA: Putting RPA to Work

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Putting RPA to Work: Enhancing Healthcare's Digital Workforce with Data & Automation

On-Demand Webinar | 53 min.

The bright future of RPA is linked directly to the healthcare industry, which is no coincidence. First, the healthcare industry is packed with new technologies as more companies work to provide useful and profitable tools to the medical field. These technologies often help providers increase their quality of care, expand their services and improve efficiency. However, this often leads to payors and providers in the industry being constantly confronted with rapid change. 

Due to the increased amount of data collected and the speed at which it piles up, the healthcare industry can be slowed down by entrenched processes and information silos. If your infrastructure cannot handle scaling as your practice scales, you have a problem. If you have data that you can’t use to identify meaningful issues or trends, you have a problem. 

These reasons are why the healthcare industry is a perfect match for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation. When you can use intelligent bots to automate mundane work and boost your efficiency, your administrative costs decrease, your care delivery improves and more! Faced with such a challenging reality, the combination of human talent and digital technology offers a new way forward that is reshaping where, how, and when work gets done: RPA is an essential tool for both humans and healthcare. 

Listen in as Amitech VP of Client Solutions, Jeff Hatfield, and UiPath Global Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Jason Warrelmann team up to discuss how a new, data-infused approach to robotic process automation for healthcare is being used to enhance, not expand, the digital workforce and reset expectations for efficiency, speed, and patient/member experience.

The future of RPA is here! It’s time to see how this incredible technology can change industries and lives for the better. Are you ready?

Our Presenters:

Amitech & UiPath

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