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FlintPQ™ Abstractor Assistant by Amitech

Accelerate Your Patient Quality and Safety Journey

Increase Efficiency, Improve Outcomes and Keep Patients Safe 

Patient quality and safety mean keeping your patients safe when they are in the hospital and improving medical decision-making overall, being compliant with regulations, and ensuring quality outcomes. FlintPQTM is your virtual assistant, helping you and your teams keep up with these obligations, easing the work of chart abstractors, monitoring your patients real-time, and identifying and reporting risk factors to improve patient care. 

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How it Works

Medical record abstractors spend hours selecting and abstracting data from patient records to assist hospitals with reporting and improving patient care. As healthcare data grows and becomes more complex, it can enhance clinical decision-making if harvested efficiently. Unfortunately, this increasingly complex data also adds to the abstractor’s load, who must manually review, identify and accurately extract critical information. 

FlintPQ™ Abstractor Assistant identifies which data elements are most useful for reporting and patient care, extracts and transfers that data to registries and other systems as needed, and generates alerts for clinicians based on protocols, trends, and risk probabilities/predictions. 

FlintPQ™ blends RPA, AI, and human judgment to create a highly efficient and accurate process. Rather than trying and likely failing to fully automate abstraction, the assistant guides the work of a chart abstractor and continuously improves itself based on how the abstractor responds, learning the most helpful information. 

The BOT-tom Line:

  • Increase the Impact of Quality Improvement 
  • Accelerate Chart Abstraction Processes 
  • Decrease Avoidable Costs from Unreimbursed Care

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