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FlintRC™ by Amitech

Amitech Solutions

Airtight Pre-Certification Processing

Boost the bottom line by cutting pre-certification processing time and frequency of claim denials–$283 per transaction.

There’s a lot of manual back office work required to ensure proper payment, even before a procedure takes place. Automating that activity with Amitech’s integrated healthcare automation component, FlintRC™ significantly reduces the time required to validate and record pre-certification status and cuts the frequency of claim denials and associated revenue losses.

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How it Works

The FlintRC bot reviews new procedure orders and newly scheduled visits in your scheduling system to identify those that require additional pre-approvals. Based on procedure and patient-specific information, FlintRC pulls together the necessary information from payors and your EMR to assess the status of eligibility coverage, pre-certification and prior authorization.

By entering patient information directly in payor websites, requesting certification/authorization and then recording patient status in your EMR, FlintRC closes the loop in this key piece of Revenue Cycle M

The BOT-tom Line:

  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Avoid Unnecessary Rescheduling
  • Reduce Claim Denials

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