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FlintCM™ by Amitech

Automated Care Management, Assessment & Enrollment

Reduce cost of care by millions of dollars by ensuring the right people get enrolled in the right programs in time to make an impact–$11M reduction in cost of care for high-risk pregnancies.

Not all patient information can be collected digitally. In order to assess risk, patients often end up filling out standardized surveys by hand, but the resulting manual data entry and processing means that high-risk patients might not get the services they need soon enough for care management intervention programs to have an impact. Amitech’s integrated healthcare automation component, FlintCM™ automatically provides critical information to patients and providers in real-time while information is being collected and assessed for care management.

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How it Works

The FlintCM bot uses UiPath’s Document Understanding to extract information from patient submitted forms, validates that information against existing records and confirms program eligibility. The bot accesses a predictive model via UiPath’s AI Fabric to score the patient for risks, automatically enrolls them in appropriate programs and notifies providers and care managers of the actions. Everything the bot does is thoroughly documented with when, what and why.

Using AI Fabric, FlintCM can be as intelligent as any in-house or commercial predictive model it’s connected to.

The BOT-tom Line:

  • Streamline Care Management Enrollment
  • Minimize Human Bias
  • Maximize Positive Outcomes

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