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Escaping the Data Swamp

The Challenge: The Healthcare Industry is Drowning in Data  

For many payors and providers, the difference between sinking and floating is a solid strategy and structure around information management.  

At one of the largest nonprofit healthcare providers in the nation, the daily volume and variety of data is massive. However, a variety of issues stood in the way of the organization's ability to realize the full potential of this information to produce valuable insights and enable decision support for business leaders, providers and employees.  

Our Solution: Data Governance with Staying Power

To address organizational data limitations, Amitech implemented a three-tiered data governance operating model to gain buy-in and establish key processes around the definition, categorization, exchange and accountability for data. Early senior leadership involvement and a clear understanding of the required supportive technologies served to inform and guide the process as it set up the program for long-term success.

The Results: Clean Data Connected to Value

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