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High-Value Use Cases for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Welcome to the latest #DataRX Report, a weekly digest of interesting news and trending topics in the healthcare industry. Every Friday we're pulling together the best articles and insights to keep payors and providers informed, engaged and up to date on the headlines that are impacting the industry.  

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10 High-Value Use Cases for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare
Provider and payor organizations can apply predictive analytics tools to their financial, administrative and data security challenges, as well as see significant gains in efficiency and consumer satisfaction. Check out these 10 high-value use cases here. 


Prescription for Payors

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86% of Consumers Blame Insurers for Surprise Healthcare Bills
It’s common for consumers to report having difficulty understanding their insurance benefits—which explains why most Americans have been surprised by medical bills that they expected would be covered by their insurance. Here’s some insight about why patients hold insurance companies accountable even when they understand that the charges come from doctors and hospitals.


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Why Bother with Data Governance?
If half of all data governance initiatives fail, why bother with data governance? Our own Amit Bhagat explains.




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Top 10 Highest Performing Medicare Advantage Health Plans
The use of Medicare Advantage plans is increasing as the population is aging. Read about which plans have made the top ten list and why here.


Prescription for Providers

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5 EHR Optimization Activities for Improving Clinical Efficiency
Clinical efficiency and provider satisfaction often suffer after hospitals and health systems go live with new EHR implementations. One example is reducing information overload in physician notes. Information overload can overwhelm clinicians and negatively affect efficiency by requiring that providers spend time sifting through large amounts of data. Find out the other four EHR optimization activities that can help healthcare organizations boost the usability and effectiveness of their existing EHR systems and get more out of their health IT investments.

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Amazon, Google, Microsoft to Make Waves in Health IT Usability
DirectTrust President and CEO Scott Stuewe expects the industry will soon benefit from significant improvements in health IT usability. Stuewe says that healthcare interoperability has made great strides, but believes work is far from done and may be easier to change from the outside. Learn more here. 


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Hospitals are finally starting to care about the food they serve
Hospitals are supposed to be a place of healing and wellness, but hospitals have not seemed to put much thought into the food they serve until now. Find out how Boston Children’s Hospital is trying to incorporate healthy foods.

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