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#DataRX Report: March 9, 2018

Prescription for Payors-

Value-based care is no longer the future. It’s the here and now! Searching for answers about the most significant drivers of value-based care? You’re not alone: Aetna Highlights Emerging Drivers of Value-Based Care. 

Prescription for Providers-

Oregon has saved millions of dollars in health care spending in recent years. Find out what primary care’s got to do with it (hint: it’s everything): How one US state saved $240 million in health care spending.

What to keep your eye on-

What Will Health Care Look Like Once Smart Speakers Are Everywhere? Will we be seeing smart speakers in healthcare in the future? Harvard Business Review shares their thoughts.

Your recommended dose of Data Analytics-

Our very own, Paul Boal was recently reminded that not all reporting capabilities are created equal. And it’s usually because one or more of these 3 Common Hang-ups of Healthcare Data Analytics.

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