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#DataRX Report: March 2, 2018

Prescription for Payors-

Anthem has been aggressively trying to cut costs in the past year. Healthcare Dive shares the most recent attempt: Anthem to limit anesthesiologists in latest cost-saving move.

Prescription for Providers-

Johnson County is adapting to changing times in healthcare and creating outpatient locations to avoid having to drive to major hospitals. Get the full story here: Providers increase outpatient service locations to adapt to residents’ needs.

What to keep your eye on-

CIO’s are investing more time and money into predictive analytics tools to help improve population health and reduce costs. Are they on to something? You be the judge: CIO’s Plan to Invest More in AI, Predictive Analytics, Big Data Tools.

Your recommended dose of Data Analytics-

Caring for People the 99.9% of the Time They’re not Patients – How do we care for the people we are not seeing as patients? Our own Scott Lambert has a few ideas.

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