Amazon could make an impact in health by helping people eat better

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Amazon could make a big impact in health by helping people eat better
A few months ago, Amazon teamed up with J.P. Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway to tackle skyrocketing health care costs but may have found another way to impact the industry.


Prescription for Payors

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Who Should be Held Accountable for Healthcare Costs
Doctors don’t set the price for insurance, and they can’t determine the price of a drug or new technology, so it’s easy to understand why many feel powerless in the face of rising costs. Who’s really accountable? Find out here.


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Connecting Analytics to Results
69% of organizations report less than moderate success with analytics initiatives. It turns out, healthcare organizations already have the fundamental building blocks in place to act on analytics insights. All that’s left is coming up with a strategy for putting it together. Our own Paul Boal lays out how to make it work.



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CMS seeks chief health informatics officer to lead HIT efforts
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are searching for a chief health informatic officer to help drive healthcare costs down through smart and innovative technology use. CMS Administrator Seema Verma acknowledged that CMS should have had a CHIO role a while ago as the largest healthcare payer in the country. Learn more here.


Prescription for Providers

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A Hospital’s Human Touch: Why Taking Care In Discharging A Patient Matters
Project ACHIEVE is a five-year, $15 million study investigating the effectiveness of interventions designed to improve care transitions. The main focus is on what Medicare patients and caregivers need and want when a hospital stay ends. Findings include the observation that doctors too often speak in medical terms—leaving patients and caregivers unsure or confused about follow-up care. Learn more about the findings and Project ACHIEVE here.

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Wearable mHealth Device Detects Abnormal Heart Rhythms Earlier
It is possible six million Americans may have a common irregular heartbeat, called atrial fibrillation (AFib), that can increase their risk of stroke and heart failure. There are things that can be done to lower the risk but the problem is that many people don’t have a clue there is a problem to begin with. There may be a solution! Read more about it here.

B2B - Business to Business - Concept - Closeup on Laptop Screen in Modern Office Workplace. Toned Image with Selective Focus. 3d Render.Amazon Business’ medical supply chain ambitions: 4 things to know  
Amazon Business has generated more than a billion dollars in sales in its first year alone. Find out the four things you need to know about this growing marketplace model.

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