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#DataRX Report: February 23, 2018

Amitech Solutions

Prescription for Payors-

It is a new world when it comes to who is paying for medical care. Jonathan Wiik, Principal and Lead of Revenue Cycle Management Solutions for TransUnion Healthcare, believes Patients are the new payers in healthcare.

Prescription for Providers-

Many physician offices are joining health systems, as opposed to being independent providers. Modern Healthcare shares a few successful strategies for easing the integration process: Six principles for operationalizing value and partnering with physicians.

What to keep your eye on-

Healthcare is changing and hospitals are no exception. What will your hospital look like in 5 years? Healthline shares a few predictions.

Your recommended dose of Data Analytics-

Is Blockchain Technology Ripe or Overhyped? We know where we stand on Blockchain technology for healthcare. How about you?

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