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Anthem and Walmart Partner for Over-the-Counter Drug Allowance

Welcome to the latest #DataRX Report, a weekly digest of interesting news and trending topics in the healthcare industry. Every Friday we're pulling together the best articles and insights to keep payors and providers informed, engaged and up to date on the headlines that are impacting the industry.  

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Anthem, Walmart Partner for Over-the-Counter Drug Allowance
About 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart. Which means they’re a prime partner for Anthem’s new effort to expand benefits to members on their Medicare Advantage plans. Starting in January of 2019, Anthem beneficiaries will be able to purchase over the counter medications, first-aid supplies, and other health items such as support braces and pain relievers at Walmart stores or online. Learn more about how the plan came together and how it will work.


Prescription for Payors

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Healthcare Costs, Affordability A Major Challenge for Patients
Rising healthcare costs are causing almost 25% of patients to avoid care. Payment plans are one method that can help providers reduce the number of patients avoiding care. Find out how payment plans can help as healthcare costs continue to rise.

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Health Payer Introduces Price Shopping Tool to Drive Care Quality
BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina has created a price shopping tool in efforts to address the growing cost of healthcare in both North Carolina and the United States as a whole. This SmartShopper tool allows patients to receive incentives for selecting what the insurer deems lower-cost and higher-quality healthcare services. If the patient selects to receive care from a designated care site, the patient will receive a cash award of up to $500 mailed via check to the patient’s home. Find out how this tool could help patients make better informed treatment decisions and help lower the cost of quality care.



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 What Is the Future for Patient Engagement Technology, Health IT?
Patients commonly site several of the same reasons for their dissatisfaction with the healthcare industry. Cost, inconvenience, inconsistency and a general lack of personalization. Patient engagement tools that were supposed to help address some of these pain points  are instead often just making more work for patients. Find out what could actually do the trick.


Prescription for Providers

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Hospitals know how to protect mothers. They just aren’t doing it
California has the fewest deaths per 100,000 births in the United States. In California, safety experts and hospitals worked together to implement practices that are now endorsed by leading medical societies as the gold standard of care. Clearly, California has figured out how to protect mothers. Find out why the rest of the country hasn’t followed suit.

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We Have to Be Smart About Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Rather than trying to figure out the exact model for how bodies react to insulin and carbohydrates, in the case of diabetes, machine learning methods find patterns and make predictions. But just how accurate is artificial intelligence and machine learning in medicine?


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Walgreens launches digital health provider marketplace
Walgreens is pushing to keep its edge in a health care industry that is getting more competitive every day. Walgreens is creating a digital platform and marketplace, Find Care Now, that connect people to health care services at Walgreens stores. Find out more about Find Care Now’s capabilities and how it will help Walgreens stay ahead of the curve.

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